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Tempe Union High School District

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  • Technical Skill Assessments

    These assessments will measure the knowledge and skills that CTE students have attained in their Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. Each assessment question is linked to a CTE program standard / measurement criterion that students have studied. The standards have been identified by Arizona business and industry leaders as critical to success in their business. After students have completed the assessment, they will receive immediate feedback on attainment of each standard. Arizona business and industry leaders in Arizona place great value on student attainment of knowledge and skills. Upon passing the assessment, students will receive a certificate and technical skill transcript from the Arizona Skill Standards Commission to present to their employer. Results of the assessment will be used to showcase technical skill attainment to the Arizona Legislature and the federal government.

    Arizona Department of Education: Assessment System

    Watch a brief overview, in the style of the 1950's educational films, of the Career and Technical Education Exam required by the Arizona Department of Education of CTE students that have taken 2 or more CTE classes.

Career & Technical Education Contacts

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